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This project was developed during my master graphic design at the School of Arts in Ghent in which I'm researching modular typedesign and the different aspects of interactivity in the design process.

For this project i designed a publication with a 3x5 point grid that allows the participant to draw diverse characters or symbols. The grid is based on the point-coordinate system1 used in PostScript, vector graphics and typedesign software as well as the well known connect the dots game2.

This publication was send to 60 designers in several countries all over the world, with the challenge to fill in the publication with some kind of intresting interpretation of the grid and to send it back.

The dots can either be used or by-passed to get different results. The participant decides how he connects the dots: linearly3, according to the bézier curve4 or by giving the lines free course5.

By viewing the character as a framework and not a closed form —based on the idea of MetaFont6— you can create multiple character variations on one framework. Variations can be accomplished by using different materials to connect the dots. The grid only determines the characters coordinates so that every possibility stays unsolved.

The grid is an open system and can be used by anyone. Will the participants be restricted by the freedom or will it boost their imagination to come up with a creative solution?

This publication was sent to 70 different designers, all with a different view on things. I invited them to use this book as a tool to create type. And to create a typeface or set of symbols by using this grid in a creative way. The publication was send to them by mail. Every publication that returns will be uploaded on this online archive.

Are you interested in participating in this project? Click the participate button in the upper right corner, download your files print them an send them in.

The publication was printed 65 times in 4 colors with a riso printer on Munken Print white 100g, Big thanks to Jurgen Maelfeyt for this! All publications are bound manually and contain 2 original drawings by different designers.

I would like to thank everybody who participates in this project, but also the people who made it possible, a big thanks to al of the postman who dropped the publications with good care in our mailbox.

For question, notes or suggestions please send an Email to arthur.haegeman@yahoo.com.